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Colombian Empanaderia

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Our Products

The name “Milohas” comes from the Spanish words “mil hojas,” which mean one thousand layers, just like the dough in our pastries. 


We offer Colombian empanadas and baked goods made with the freshest ingredients available. We don’t use preservatives or additives, just grandma’s recipes. All of our products are hand-made daily in small batches to ensure freshness and minimize waste. Explore Colombian empanadas with coffee for an energizing breakfast, with a side soup or salad and tropical fruit juice for a nourishing lunch, or with a cup of tea for a light dinner. Our tropical fruit ice creams are a great treat for any time!


Our Story

Our family-owned business was born in 1999 when our country, Colombia, went into a deep economic crisis. Faced with lack of stable employment and an uncertain future, we found inspiration in the recipes left behind by Ernesto’s mother. From these recipes, we built a business from the ground up, gained financial and labor independence, and found an immense satisfaction from feeding people our nourishing homemade food.


After immigrating to the United States, the idea of transplanting our business developed slowly over a nine year period, and now we have our doors open to a diverse clientele in the Bay Area.


We offer catering for orders of 25 items/10 combos or more. Please place your order at least 3 days in advance. You can request a quote or place an order online.

Current Customers


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